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I believe good painting flows from a fine balance between keen observation  and creative confidence. This workshop will focus on three main components of oil painting: the material (oil paint as a medium), the technique (application of oil paint) and the painter (creative impulse). We will look at different aspects of oil painting for example materials and mediums, brush strokes, tonal values, colour theory, perspective and proportions.

The workshop is divided in 9 lessons of 3 hours each and will take place on the Tuesday of each week (i.e. 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th Sept, 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th Oct 2019). The workshop will only be offered if I have enough interest to make it viable. There are limited places available which ensures special attention to each individual. The total amount of R2300 is payable up front. Tea and coffee are included. I am bilingual so the lessons will be in both Afrikaans and English.


  • oil painting canvas pads / boards / canvases (plus minus A3 size)

  • 100 ml purified linseed oil

  • 100 ml artist turpentine (Builders Express now has 750ml Genuine Terpentine!)

  • x5 assorted brushes (hog hair, bristle)

  • x1 palette knife (optional)

  • tear of disposable palette / glass sheet with cling wrap

  • double dippers or two small jars/tins

  • old rag

  • oil paint colours: (Good brands are Winsor&Newton, Lukas, Zellen, NOT Dala)

    1. Titanium white

    2. French Ultramarine blue

    3. Alizarin Crimson red

    4. Cadmium Red

    5. Arylamide Yellow (or Cadmium Yellow)

  • optional colours:

    1. Paynes grey

    2. Burnt umber

    3. Cobalt blue

(Participants have to bring their own materials.)

If you are interested please fill out the registration form below or send me an email. 


Thanks for submitting!

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