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fugitive(adj.) “having taken flight, fleeting” from stem fugere “to flee, fly; leave a country; disappear; escape the notice of, be unknown to”

This is a wanderer’s collection of colour swatches painted with pigments extracted from things I found in the places I found myself in (in this case New York State). These things include plant matter, mineral materials and man-made refuse.

Some tablets are pinned up on the wall. Others are carefully filed in a lighttight box. Samples of the pigment powder is stowed away in tiny containers, secured with maskingtape. Pencil annotations indicate the colours’ origin. A note left by the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security stating their interest in this travelling collection is also included.

Regardless of pursuits to gather, categorise and preserve, the collection is fugitive. It challenges the conventional ideal of an archive that should last forever. Every time the box is opened and examined its content changes subtly. Permanency is a fallacy.

This installation made it to the 2018 ABSA L'Atelier Art Competition's top 100!

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