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This is an installation of tablets, painted with handmade oil paints on superwood, documenting the artist’s thoughts over time. The collection functions similar to the pages of a visual journal, but is more suitable for oil paint and not bound in a specific sequence.

‘Ingedagte’ is the Afrikaans for ‘thoughtful’, a direct translation reads as ‘in mind’. The artwork Ingedagte is therefore a visual mind map. Rather than having lines suggesting connections between different tablets, visual links can be made in terms of colour, pattern, and shape.

The aim was to develop my concepts by capturing things that draw my attention – a motif, a shell, a texture, a seed, a system – and then to see if, with repetition and iteration, meaning emerge.

While externalising my thoughts I was also able to experiment with my paints and develop a feeling for its control and behaviour. In this way Ingedagte serves as a database accessible for future reference.

Taking a step back from the individual tablets and considering the whole, the collection can be arranged and rearranged in endless configurations. It can take the gestalt of an organised grid, a chaotic swarm of notes, a chronological sequence, or tiles in rhythmic patterns.

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