Gruis [gravel] (2015)

Klara-Marié den Heijer

Oil on board, 15 cm x 24 cm

My art speaks of place. And movement through place. We take place for granted and do not always see its importance. But place contains and locates every event and every moment we experience. A landscape could be seen as a sequence of places, viewed from a specific point. In Western art, for more than a thousand years, landscape was viewed as an inferior subject – at best providing an artificial backdrop accentuating human endeavours. Only by mid-18th century did landscape quietly emerge as a legitimate focus in European art.  Land artists like Richard Long and Robert Smithson continued this quest by merging their art and the land around them. Long proclaimed that a line made by walking is also art. Smithson altered the land itself and called it art. The border between culture and nature slowly eroded. That is the reason for my art not always having a point of focus. Through foregrounding background I deconstructed the schism between place and being. This place we find ourselves in is the stage which gives us space to be in. Through my art I want to acknowledge place and highlight our dependency on it. I want to people to sense place autonomously and originally, without the burden of prejudice.Place is a defining part of being.
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